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Alena Tolmacheva

A founder and owner of Akai Hana Kennel

“I was brought up in the family, where dogs always lived. My husband and I also realized that we needed dogs “for love” in our own family.

We have found our way enjoying the harmony and beauty of our dogs. We have been breeding our dogs professionally for several years.”

frequently asked questions


Our registration in FCI/RKF can be found below

Purchase order

You can purchase from us not only available puppies but also you can place a preorder for the upcoming certain set of puppies. To place an order just send us an e-mail or call us

Veterinary checks

All our puppies and dogs get through regular veterinary checks, they take necessary medicine and are vaccinated. All information about vaccination is given in a Pet passport


All our puppies are microchipped and stamped, they have a Pet passport, a dog stud book FCI/RKF + NIPPO (for the puppies of their registered parents in NIPPO)


We arrange delivery to any country. This service is extra-paid

Animal management

Our dogs are kept in warm, they live, walk and play in spacious god kennels, they are taken good care, kissed and fed with delicious food

Photos and videos

Certainly we will send you photos and videos before they arrive to your home place. We understand that it is very important to you


+7 (918) 499-61-96

WhatsApp and calls.

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