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Our kennel is a part of the Association for the Preservation of the breed Shiba Inu (NIPPO in Japan). We try not only to preserve this wonderful breed but also to improve and keep the achievements made before us.

We don’t have so many dogs of this breed, but each of them includes the best dogs of Japan in its breeding background. Almost all of them were brought into Russia by ourselves to make their flight safe to the greatest possible extend.

They are our treasure and we are sincerely proud of them. All our dogs have proper medical examination on a compulsory basis, they are sorted according to their personality type with great care.

In our kennel you can purchase a puppy, having in its breeding background the best dogs at the moment. You can place an order with us for a certain puppy of definite mating dogs. We will have a pleasure to help you with your choice.

dogs growing up

We want to show you how Shiba Inu puppy is changing month by month.



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